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Machine Operators

Why Bytefabrik.AI?

With Bytefabrik.AI, you monitor important process key figures in real time. Our software automatically monitors all sensor data of your machines, warns you of imminent quality deviations and anomalies, and actively suggests suitable countermeasures and process improvements.

The no-code approach gives you a lot of flexibility so that your data analysis infrastructure can grow with your production.


Your Challenge

You need more transparency about your daily production and machine conditions based on live data of your plant?
Process quality
Are you seeing reduced plant efficiency at certain times and don't know why?
Product quality
You suspect a connection between machine conditions and your product quality, but you can't prove this?

Your added values

More throughput
by quality predictions, e.g. for recessing repeated NOK tests
More transparency
by obtaining process parameters and KPIs
Targeted predictions
of maintenance intervals
Less failures
through early detection of operating errors