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by the original creators of Apache StreamPipes


You can flexibly adapt Apache StreamPipes to your needs. But why do it yourself? As the initiators of Apache StreamPipes you benefit from our long experience and can rely on perfect quality.


We develop company-specific extensions entirely according to your wishes and find the best and most cost-efficient solution - we promise!


You would like to obtain data from a third-party system or forward analysis results to an external system? If our toolbox does not yet support the interface you need, we will develop it either ourselves or with one of our partners and integrate it seamlessly into your existing installation.


Do you need a very specific algorithm tailored to your application? algorithm tailored to your application? We develop it for you either rule-based or learning-based and prepare everything seamlessly into Apache StreamPipes and Bytefabrik.IoT.


You need a specific user interface tailored to your plant or machine, e.g. a custom visual representation of your machine parameters? Apache StreamPipes and Bytefabrik.IoT can be easily extended via a plugin system. We develop the desired UI extension in your CI.