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Our Mission

We make complex AI applications simple.

Bytefabrik.AI develops intelligent software solutions in order to continuously analyze high-frequency industrial data streams.
Our focus is on the support of non-technical users who do not have any programming or data science experience.

The founding team of Bytefabrik.AI with several decades of experience in application-oriented research has now integrated significant preliminary work on interactive machine learning as well as data stream processing into an innovative product

Founded in 2021, Bytefabrik.AI's goal is to make the use of AI technologies so simple that every user can benefit from their added value.

Our Story

Wer wir sind

Our professional roots lie at the FZI Research Center for Information Technology, a non-profit research institution for technology transfer in Karlsruhe. Here, we have spent many years helping small and medium-sized enterprises in particular to realize innovative data-driven applications in the industrial environment.

In the process, we have repeatedly encountered similar problems such as consistent (real-time) data acquisition and real-time capable algorithms. This observation led to the idea of a no-code toolbox for IoT-based data analysis.

Our solution, which is the result of years of research into AI and real-time data management, is particularly appreciated by small and medium-sized enterprises and companies for which IT is not part of their core business. In this way, applications can be realized that previously had to be contracted through expensive services.

Management Team

Wir sind für Sie da!


Dr.-Ing. Dominik Riemer

Chief Executive Officer

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Zehnder

Chief Technology Officer

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Philipp

Chief AI Officer
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