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Apache StreamPipes
Open Source Self-Service IIoT Toolbox

Especially small and medium-sized companies in particular have an interest in developing value-added data-driven applications completely without programming or data science skills.

Out of this need we have initiated the open source solution Apache StreamPipes initiated. Since 2019, the software has been available as open source under the enterprise-friendly Apache Software License 2.0. In order to benefit from the strong open source ecosystem around IoT-based data management and to enable denterprise-independent development with a large development, global developer community, we have transferred the tool to the Apache Software Foundation at the end of 2019.

As the largest open source foundation in the world, the Apache Software Foundation ensures not only a legal framework but also an active community, so that you as a user receive future security without lock-in effect.

Bytefabrik.AI continues to strive to provide a large amount of development power and offers users of the solution first-class commercial support and industry-specific enhancements.

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Why Open Source?

Your advantages with open source software

  • No lock-in and independence through OSS foundation
  • Proven and widely used business model
  • Easy to extend and customize
  • Cost-effective entry without license costs

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