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Bytefabrik Platform

The Bytefabrik.AI platform

Our software solution helps you to get more out of your machine data.

Bytefabrik.Edge screenshot


Connect machine data - with a few clicks and without code!
> 30 connectors for your industrial data sources
Streaming Data Acquisition
with up to 100hz
Edge-based preprocessing
e.g., Measurement harmonization and duplicate removal

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Bytefabrik.IoT Pipeline Editor
Bytefabrik.IoT Data Explorer


Flexible real-time data analysis made easy.
> 100 configurable algorithms
for flexible data cleansing, analysis and alarm rules
and> 20 interfaces to external systems
Live Dashboard
for the presentation of important key figures, e.g. on the Shopfloor
Data Explorer
for visual analysis down to sensor data level

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In addition to the basic modules, you can extend Bytefabrik.AI with a plug-in concept with industry and technology modules according to your your needs.

Industry modules


With Bytefabrik.Insights, you get a turnkey reporting solution for discrete manufacturing, building on the IoT solution.

Automatically calculate critical production metrics (e.g., good parts, scrap, cycle time) using artificial intelligence, and visualize them according to requirements.

Compare key figures over freely configurable periods (e.g. shifts and days) and discover optimization potential.

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Technology modules


You not only want to gain insights, but recognize undesirable situations at an early stage and counteract?

Bytefabrik.AI is your intelligent no-code module for Predictive Quality, which detects quality problems, before they arise.

Our interactive AI technology, currently unique on the market independently detects possible anomalies, excludes false assumptions through targeted inquiries and thus learns to support you better and better.

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