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Generate added value with data-driven applications

Bytefabrik.AI uses live machine data from your plant, e.g. sensor measurements such as pressure, force, flow or temperature, which are already available in the plant control system, to improve your plant productivity.

Process transparency

Live machine data is used to understand the production process and its surrounding parameters in full detail. Tracing allows to provide the full history of corresponding sensor measurements for each produced part.

Machine utilization

Early detection of seal deterioration by time-series analysis. By recognizing negative trends, maintenance cycles can be optimized.

Condition Monitoring

A causality analysis computes an optimized concept for the usage of master test objects, increasing production output.

Multiple Awards

For Bytefabrik.AI

For Apache StreamPipes


A high level of development complexity and versatile IT know-how, not part of the core business for many manufacturing companies, leads to costly external commissions. Many added values can therefore often not be realized.
AI applications in the manufacturing industry
want to use AI-based applications
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Establish new business models
complain about lack of personnel
Extensive technical knowledge required
  • Data Engineering (acquisition and pre-processing)
  • Data Science / AI (feature and algorithm selection)
  • Operations (Deployment and Maintenance)
Not in the core business of many manufacturing companies
contract external companies
  • High costs
  • Relatively rigid individual solutions
  • Unused potential


Bytefabrik.AI is the no-code solution for the realization of data-driven applications in production and logistics - quickly and intuitive!
Connect live data in a few minutes
Analyze machine data without programming
Deployment from edge to cloud

Your own workshop for data-based decisions.


Based on the open source solution Apache StreamPipes, bytefabrik.IoT enables the connection of machine data (e.g. PLC, MES or OPC-UA) in record time.

Based on this data, notification rules and real-time analyses can be created completely flexibly and without programming effort.

A comprehensive toolbox of already integrated real-time capable algorithms as well as various modules for live views or data exploration complete the solution.


With Bytefabrik.Insights you get, based on the IoT solution, you get a turnkey reporting solution that automatically calculates critical production metrics with the help of artificial intelligence and visualizes them as needed.

Compare key figures over freely configurable time periods and discover optimization potential.


You not only want to gain insights, but also to recognize undesirable situations and take countermeasures?

Bytefabrik.AI is your intelligent no-code module for Predictive Quality, which detects quality problems before they arise.

Our interactive AI technology, currently unique on the market detects possible anomalies, excludes false assumptions through targeted queries and thereby learns to support you better and better.

Target Groups

How we support you
Machine and Plant Construction

The Bytefabrik.AI solution supports special-purpose machinery and and plant manufacturers in the implementation of new data-driven business models.

Our no-code solution can be configured individually for each customer, so so that real-time analytics are automatically available on-site and customer-specific.

This enables more efficient commissioning and a better understanding of the processes actually running on site.

Machine Operators

With Bytefabrik.AI, you monitor key process metrics in real time.

Our software automatically monitors all the sensor data of your machines, warns you of imminent quality deviations and anomalies and actively suggests suitable countermeasures and process improvements.

The no-code approach gives you a lot of flexibility so your analytics infrastructure can grow with your needs.

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